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Millions of people suffer from chronic pain.  A pain that lasts for more than 3 months. Unlike acute pain , the chronic pain tends to linger, with cure difficult to achieve. This lingering condition unfortunately tends to result in negative personal, family, and social issues, especially untreated chronic pain or poorly treated chronic pain. The disease essentially multiplies by adding depression, frustration, and financial consequences. A lot of chronic pain sufferers, not knowing where to turn, end up having treatments which they may not need or treatments which do not work. Some of these patients even become dependent upon narcotics and other addictive substances, adding to the misery. If you are in chronic pain, you need to be evaluated by an expert, who is experienced, well trained in the field of chronic pain, and is able to offer you a variety of reasonable options and not just one type of treatment. There are “pain doctors” who just perform steroid (cortisone) injections - no mater where your pain is and there are some who push nothing but narcotics. Unfortunately, your pain becomes their gain. At Therapeutic Pain Management Medical Clinic (TPM), the physicians are well trained and experienced in a  variety of treatment options. We have been treating chronic pain since 1996 and have evaluated over 10,000 patients since then. We offer comprehensive evaluation, reliable treatment options and referral to other specialists as needed to treat your chronic pain. It is extremely important to know that at TPM, we practice evidenced based medicine and not something based upon a personal belief or financial agenda. Evidence based medicine  is treatment which is thoroughly studied worldwide, published in respectable peer-reviewed medical journals and practiced by well-respected physicians and surgeons in  their respective specialty. Every few months a new treatment becomes available, but does it work in reality or does it just raise your hopes unnecessarily - only to disappoint you further and cost you or your insurance more money. Since chronic pain is difficult to cure, the treatment options are aimed at maintaining a decent quality of life or improving that. This is the real goal of chronic pain treatment and patient participation is very important to achieve that goal. We are no longer routinely advocating use of narcotic medications for chronic non-cancer pain. At Therapeutic Pain Management Medical Clinic, your goal is our goal.  We are proud to offer experienced and well trained staff, comprehensive evaluation, multi-modality treatments based upon evidence based guidelines to improve your quality of life. Note; We are no longer accepting new patients referred only for just prescribing  pain medications Note: We will no longer provide morphine/Baclofen pump implants or management as of Nov 01, 2015
Chronic Pain Evaluation, Recommendations and Management  
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Our Treatment Philosophy 	Improve Quality of Life and functionality is the main goal, not just pain reduction only 	Treatment algorithm based upon Evidence Based Medicine 	Treatments focused on interventions rather than pills 	New patients always evaluated by an MD